My Rental Property.

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All utilities (Electric, Gas, Water, Cable, Internet, Phone, etc….) are separate. You
will need to get your own accounts.  I will provide you with the contact phone numbers.
This is a "benefit" to you as instead of guessing and adding these and renting this for $1200,
you only pay the rent plus whatever utilities you use. Use a little pay a little, use a lot pay a
lot.  It depends on your use and no one will ever be telling you your using too much heat, air
conditioning or water.
Don't fall for the "paid utilities" or "all utilities included"  gimmick. All that means is someone
"guessed" at what they think they cost and add that on top of what they wanted for the rent.
Nothing is free or paid and in reality your probably paying a lot more than you use as you
know they are not going to pay for you.

With my rental they are separate and you only pay for what you "actually use" and not
someones guess about it.