My Rental Property.

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These are the qualifications and what will need to be done to be considered.
Non smokers and people with no pets are preferred but we will try to work with anyone if we can.
Also due to the proximity of both units, people that work day shift and are not night owls are preferred.

The rent is $950 a month and to move in you need $1900.
This is first months rent plus 1 months security deposit.

The rental will not be held without first receiving the entire amount.  It will not be
deposited until "after" you are contacted again and told you are approved.  It
will be returned if not approved.
No fee is required but a standard credit and reference check might be done.
We will try to work with you if mostly qualified but the deposit must be paid in full and
clear our bank before you sign the lease or move in.  You can have a cosigner.

Please note that I do not do the screening myself.  I have a business partner that
does all of that and makes the final decision.  They may contact you directly for
more information after submitting your application.