My Rental Property.

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When showing the Duplex I am almost always asked the same few things, so I created

this page to help answer them.

Who lives next door?

I live next door and my name is Rich.  I am the Landlord and do most of the maintenance

and yard work for the property.  I will help you with anything you might need.  I have a normal

daytime shift and get up at 5:30/6 am and go to bed most nights by 9/10 pm.

How is the noise?

This is a side by side Duplex and you have a neighbor so like any other apartment, your

going to occasionally hear day to day activities, maybe a dog barking a few seconds

when someone comes to the door, other people talking once in awhile and "normal" daily

activity sounds.  I do wear headphones when listening to music and sometimes when

watching TV and I ask you do the same if playing it a little louder than normal as this

would be something we both would hear.

It is not constant or a lot, but please do not expect total silence or to never hear anything

at all.  You will occasionally hear things like any other apartment.  The difference is, if any

problems just call me and we will always work things out.  This is also why I prefer someone

that works a similar shift as I do so our schedules sync and do not lead to any problems.

If you are new to apt living, I recommend for $50 you get yourself a LectroFan white noise

machine.  I have used it for years and nothing better to help you sleep or drown out traffic

noise and things like that.

How about security and how is the area?

The duplex is located in a good part of Ewing only blocks from the Municipal Complex and

Fisher School.   Still we provide outside security cameras that cover the front of the house

area and the driveways.

Illegal or late night activity.

I am sorry I have to even include this section, but due to past experiences, I have to.   Do

not move here thinking just because its me and you that you can run around and carry on

24/7 with friends, etc... It will not happen and you will be asked to leave.  Have your fun if

you want, but be discrete and keep it inside and keep the carrying on and noise down.