My Rental Property.

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It has its own private for your use only: 

2 car stone driveway 
Front and rear doors 
Mailbox at the street 
6’ privacy fenced in back yard 
Window air conditioner(s)  *
Gas forced air heater you control
Small rear porch 
Full size Washer and Dryer  *
All yard work is done for you.
Snow is removed from both front sidewalks, not your front/back porch or driveway.
Outside faucet for washing your car
Carbon Monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers provided.

Tired of living in large apartment complexes or row houses with people living above or below and
on all sides of you?  Listening to them party or play the stereo late at night when your trying to sleep?
Wanting to relax but can't as there are people all around you?

Tired of having no privacy, not being able to sun yourself, no where to cookout or hang with your friends except maybe a tiny patio or balcony, no yard to play in and wish you had your own 6’ privacy fenced in yard to relax and enjoy? 

Tired of sharing mailboxes, fighting to get a close parking space, not being able to use the heater until they turn it on and ecchhhh sharing a washer and dryer with strangers?   Also having to go outside and carry your laundry to another building. 

My rental might not be as large or fancy as the commercial complex's but the trade off is you have your own yard, own driveway, own washer/dryer, no one living all around you and so much more. 

*  Please note the window a/c unit(s) and basement washer/dryer are provided on an "as is" basis.  They will be working when you move in.