My Rental Property.

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Please note, the Certificate of Occupancy is only for 1 due to Township restrictions.

I have a small duplex and am renting out one side.   It is a 1 bedroom 6 room unit

(1/2 a side by side Duplex) in nice part of Ewing, NJ.

There is no smoking allowed inside, if you smoke you must do it out back.

The rent is $950 a month.


The rental side has "6 rooms" and small fenced in back yard.  Please note, the rooms

are small / medium sized and not the type for huge overstuffed couches, big headboard

beds or someone with a real lot of furniture.

1.)  1 Bedroom 

2.)  Eat in Kitchen with full size refrigerator and stove. 

3.)  Living Room 

4.)  1 Full Bathroom with tub 

5.)  Unfinished Basement with washer and dryer 

6.)  Small pantry room off kitchen that can be used as a walk in closet,

      computer room or storage area